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Chartoire Professional Mastering
Online Audio Mastering Service

Who I am

My name is Nicolas Chartoire. You may have heard of me for Me In The Bath, Gorbie's Stuff, Still Living Creature, The Kuang, or some other projects of mine.
I will not brag now about being an underground legend. If you came here, you probably already know what I am and what I am not.
As far as my memory goes, I've always played music. I started recording it as a teenager, back in the 90's.
I'm of that 90's breed of sound sorcerers, if you know what this means...
The editor-in-chief of "Tout pour le freak" magazine described me as a "master", and that was many years ago.
I always sharpened my skills since. Now it's time to discover what I can do for your record!

Let's hear the difference

Here are two example tracks, one unmastered, and the other one mastered professionally by Nicolas Chartoire. Just press play and you will notice!

Example track: "You" by The Kuang

Unmastered track

Track mastered by N. Chartoire
Note that FLAC format support is required to play the audio

Order now

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1 track

1 track up to 5 minutes*

EUR 165

That's 165€/track
That's the starting price

Single (2 tracks)

2 tracks up to 10 minutes*

EUR 285

That's 142.5€/track
You save up 13.5%

EP/Mini album

up to 10 tracks or up to 20 minutes

EUR 1190

That's 119€/track
You save up 27%


up to 20 tracks or up to 40 minutes

EUR 2120

That's 106€/track
You save up 35%

Double LP

Up to 40 tracks or up to 90 minutes

EUR 3800

That's 95€/track
You save up 42%

(*) of total playing time. Triple albums, please contact us. Once you placed your order via Paypal, we will contact you by email within a few days to allow you to transmit us your audio.

Seven days money back guarantee

I do my best to provide the best possible work to my customers. If by chance you weren't satisfied by your master, you got 7 days after the delivery date (that is to say, the date of the email sent that will contain links to your mastered audio) to ask for a 100% refund, with the condition that in this case you will never publish the mastered material nor use it in any manner. Then you will get back 100% of your money.

I worked on the mastering of these records:

Silence International - Silence International

Example track

Thcoreba Thmano - Simply Thcoreba Thmano

Example track

Still Living Creature - Rogue Analog

Example track

Me In The Bath - Live Fête De La Musique Janneyrias 2015

Example track

And many more...


I've heard about automated mastering for X dollars a month, why should I pay an expensive human intervention when I can get an computer algorithm doing the same thing?

The problem with automated mastering services is simply that it's... Automated! It will sound quite uninteresting and flat, really. Just think about automated music arrangement algorithms, is that what you use to listen to passionately? I bet not.

I have ordered a mastering pack and then, what happens? I see nothing coming

Just let us about a couple of working days and we will get back to you by email and give you instructions on how to transmit your audio.

How much time does it take for a mastering to be completed?

It can vary broadly depending on the nature of your music. For a full length LP, two weeks is a somehow correct estimation, but it can be much more or much less.

I can find online mastering for half or less than the money that you ask, why?

You are not here simply asking for someone who lets the machines do their job with a premade vanilla, average preset, I guess. I will actually listen to your songs and handcraft some high quality masters just as if it was some songs of mine.
Inexpensive mastering services are maybe not as involved as I am. Also, it is not unimaginable that some people in the business just automate their so called "mastering" process... See first question in this case.
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